OUTSIDE was started by Larry Pearson on September 1, 2007 after 25 years of large firm experience at SWA. With 20 of these years as a design and planning Principal, Larry has a thorough and well rounded background of all project scales, land use types and phases of project development. Larry’s goal has always been to be in control of his projects from beginning to end-the one that starts the planning process; is responsible for all planning and design decisions throughout a project; and is the last to inform a project during the construction observation phase. Skills in planning, design, construction detailing and construction administration have always been Larry’s hallmark.  

OUTSIDE provides the venue for Larry to provide this high standard of consulting directly to Clients, during all project phases; an approach often not possible in larger corporate consulting firms. Creativity in planning and design, a good understanding of the business of real estate development, the goal of adding value to development thru planning and design, and sensitivity to the needs of the ultimate users of development all inform Outside’s planning and design solutions. While Outside’s designs are often bold, graphically strong solutions, they are well grounded by the client’s business needs thru-out each project. The development of real estate is a complicated and costly process. Outside firmly believes that planning of the land and design of development is a business investment.

OUTSIDE’s planning/design goal is to add value to projects and provide Clients a good return on investment by creating memorable, well designed environments.