more Office work

California Department of Health Services Richmond Laboratory Campus - Phase III Office Building, Richmond, CA *
Campus Bay, Richmond, CA *
Citicorp Plaza and 7th St Marketplace, Los Angeles, CA *
F-1, Tokyo, Japan *
Forresta Parque Empresarial, Madrid, Spain *
Hewlett Packard, Rohnert Park, CA *
Hewlett Packard, Roseville, CA *
Illinois Revenue Building, Springfield, IL  
Krakow Centrum, Krakow, Poland *
Marvell Campus Expansion Concepts, Santa Clara, CA *
Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park, CA *
Union Station Master Plan, Seattle, WA *
Van Doren's Landing Business Campus, Kent, WA *
* Project completed while at SWA Group
Photographs © Copyright SWA Group